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Imagine an investment that creates multiple income streams
just like a gym membership does!
Now imagine investing in a business that creates
multiple income streams
on a global basis

Which simply explains how simple and easy this investment model really is!

Our//Space is a boutique co-working space provider revolutionising this global mega-trend. Incredibly well financed and headed by a world class management team Our//Space will open 50 co-working locations in key international gateway cities over the next 3 – 5 years to serve 50,000 paying members.

During phase one their first locations in Dubai, Miami, New York and Leeds will soon be joined by London, San Francisco, Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore to deliver a true global footprint on which Our//Space will build on during phase two of their rapid expansion.

There is an opportunity for individual retail investors to benefit from the growth of Our//Space via an innovative, low entry level investment vehicle delivering up to 13.25% net returns p.a.

  • Up to 13.25% P.A. assured returns
  • Paid monthly for the first quarter, quarterly thereafter
  • Attractive 5-year term
  • Call option after 6 months
  • The fastest growing asset class in property investment globally
  • No developer Risk
  • No closing costs
  • No legal fees
  • No tenants to deal with
  • Investors have unlimited use of facilities
  • Low level investment starting from £18,500
  • Recession Proof Fixed Returns


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